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Award Winning Specialists in Self-Employed and Bad Credit Mortgages Wirral

Mortgage Advisor Wirral

Putting You First

At Make Mortgages Easy we don't simply just give up. Just because you're self-employed, have bad credit, or your circumstances are more complex, we'll take the time to get to know you, we'll keep you informed every step of the way and we'll ensure to get you the very best outcome. 

Business Owners

Bad Credit
First Time Buyers
Home Movers

Debt Consolidation

Zero Hour Contract
Buy to Let or Let to Buy
HMO Mortgages

Life Insurance
Critical Illness Cover
Income Protection
Family Income Benefit
Relevant Life Insurance

Buildings Insurance
Contents Insurance
Landlord Insurance

Make Mortgages Easy Ltd are a specialist mortgage broker based in Wirral and Merseyside with expertise in helping self employed clients and clients with bad credit. With over 10 years working within Finance and Mortgages, we ourselves have spent most of our working lives as self employed or contracting and we understand how difficult it can seem to obtain a mortgage.

Why we exist

We use our expertise and knowledge of these specialist lenders to match you to the right lender. Therefore maximising your chances of approval. 

The mortgage world can be a tough place, especially for those who are self employed or have a less than perfect credit score. Your typical high street lenders will often use a computer says yes or no and if you don't fit that standard mould, chances are you'll be left disappointed. 

But there are other options available. There are lenders who specialise in helping self employed or people with a poor credit score and instead of using a computer system they take a human approach to assess your application. 

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Mortgage Advisor Wirral

"Tom has been a great help with helping me get my mortgage! I wouldn’t have known where to start but he has made the whole process run smoothly.

Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely be recommending you!"

Emma Copeland

Let's Make Mortgages Easy...

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